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Figure Skating Manager “FSM”
New Version available (version 1.7.3 dated 04th of December 2023)
Bugfixes and Improvements for FSM: # Version 1.7.3

  • ODF: DT Schedule and DT Schedule message for Novice Pattern Dance
  • PDF: Setup verification report issue with Ice Dance Music Requirement majority deduction

Important NOTE: After the installation is done please check following folder for correctly updated files.
In case the newest files have not the modified date 24.07.2023, please follow the instruction below.
Open the folder C:\SwissTiming\OVR\FSManager\AdditionalSetups
Start the FSK_FMT.msi
Check if the Format files have the modified date 24.07.2023.

ISUScoreFS # Version

  • Bugfix in expert where it was not possible to add or remove “!” in review mode for Synchronized Skating

Figure Skating Manager :
ISUScore2FS : ISUScoreFSSetup_federations_3_10_7_0.exe